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Continental With Juice

A Modern Ruritanian Romance, by James Dunford Wood


Continental With Juice launched on February 14th at the Magic Oxygen event in The Hub, Lyme Regis., and in London on 19th March.

Some reviews:

“This political farce is a complex comedy of errors, intricately piled one on top of the other. Ruritania, a small Eastern European Republic, is on the verge of financial ruin and in a bid to increase revenue, opens up the tourist trade and decides to reinstate the monarchy. Cue an unlikely president, a scheming aristocrat, an unwilling princess, a clueless tour guide, film producers, an American basketball team and a homicidal twelve year old and the potential for misunderstanding and chaos becomes infinite – in a clever and utterly hilarious way.”

“A most entertaining romp, ever more twists and turns but Dunford Wood keeps the pages turning ever faster. Each character beautifully portrayed, all of them flawed and so entirely believable – well almost. A brilliant first novel. A must read for any holiday, it will make you laugh.”

“I really enjoyed this book. In fact it is perfect for a Monday morning when the world feels against one. It is funny, well written and demands rapid page turning to find out what will happen next. I loved the characterisations and the whole panoply of humour. It is very easy to read and the plot is superb. I guarantee you will feel in a good mood after having read it.”